Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Pics

Here's a top-side view of the baby. Slightly cute and slightly scary. I can see her little face but skeletal views are very weird to look at. You can see her tiny arms and a hand close to her face.  The next photo you can see one of her tiny feet.

The Admiral's Daughter

Yes, you read it right. IT'S A GIRL! Wow. My premonition was right.  We just got back from Hawaii and baby's first trip to the Pacific and snorkeling, and it was time to get our ultrasound. I've uploaded the pics and you should be able to see all the details. We were ecstatic! Chris is already smitten. She was sucking her thumb, and kicking, and playing with her toes.  You should have seen Chris's grin. We're now 21 weeks along and already her kicks and nudges are strong enough that Chris has actually been able to feel them when he puts his hand on my belly.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Badge of Honor?

Okay, so this is more of a question than a post. And, a bit of a rant too. Why do other mothers feel compelled to tell horror stories about birth and pregnancy to first-time moms-to-be? I'm already a worry-wort and obsess about everything. Why do other women feel the need to freak me out even more so?

I have no idea how my own labor and birth experience will be. For all I know it could be completely normal. Nothing out of ordinary. No horrible, traumatizing, agonizing moments. But, it sure doesn't help when women around me like to leave that seed of doubt in my brain and the thought that I possibly 'could' be just like them. Nor does it help when other women tell painful and terrifying possibilities of stillbirth and death to a young mom. The last thing I want to hear is, "oh, you're nearly 5 months?! My daughter lost her baby when she was 6 months pregnant and she had no warning or complications."

AHHHHH. Why would anyone say that?! I sympathize. I truly do, but I am not the person with whom you should be discussing this. The LAST thing I need to stress about is the myriad of ways I could lose my baby. Thanks. I really needed that. Have any other mothers out there been through this? What do you do to get through all this with your sanity intact?

Weird little changes

I can tell that my perspectives are changing gradually. Granted, part of this is due to the wonderful part of pregnancy that involves huge doses of hormones being pumped in larger- than- normal volumes throughout your body.

But, let's face it newborns look strange. They just look weird. And, to top it off I could never stand the idea of watching a birth video. It completely freaked me out. Yet, lately I've found myself intensely engaged in watching numerous online videos on on c-sections, and water births, and inductions, and newborn after-birth medical care. It didn't matter how gorey it was, I was completely fixated on that little squirming, wailing baby as it came into the world. I would cry right along with the mother in the video and think, "What an incredible moment," "What a beautiful baby" even though it's covered in guck. Strange, how mother nature can change your mind.

Monday, May 4, 2009

18 Week Pictures

As promised (though a bit delayed) here are the latest pictures. I'm 18 weeks right now.  The baby bump is becoming a little more pronounced but I still wouldn't say that I've 'popped' yet. I have a long torso so the doctor said it could be closer to 5 1/2 or 6 months before I'm really showing.